Thursday, February 13, 2014

what is this

everything that connects us seems so familiar
your smile is a smile I swear I've melted into before,
I'm certain my skin has been caressed by your fingertips,
my body a slave to your crooked lips
and my physical reaction to the simplest glance
Is beyond anything the mind can fully comprehend...

I am obsessed with your effervescence -
Let me to dive into you so I can bathe in your essence
It's as if your being flooded through the windows of my soul
Warming me so completely that I 
Surrendered all self control
Showing me just how it feels to be free
And unapologetically me. 
You cradle my insecurities in a way that nourishes them
Allowing them to blossom in their truth

And for that I thank you... 

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