Friday, February 14, 2014

thank you.

for someone whose biggest fear is dying
you've made me feel the most alive I've ever felt
you could almost say you've brought me to life -
the real, true me

          thank you.


How is it that
With only our eyes we are able to 
Connect in a way that transcends 
This physical world
My body feels as if it's suspended,
Floating - I'm free of 
The shackles of my mind 
And even tho it's only for a moment
I know I'm changed forever. 

If I never saw you again,
I would never forget you. 
Somehow you've left an imprint
On my soul 
And that's something
That won't ever be lost. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

what is this

everything that connects us seems so familiar
your smile is a smile I swear I've melted into before,
I'm certain my skin has been caressed by your fingertips,
my body a slave to your crooked lips
and my physical reaction to the simplest glance
Is beyond anything the mind can fully comprehend...

I am obsessed with your effervescence -
Let me to dive into you so I can bathe in your essence
It's as if your being flooded through the windows of my soul
Warming me so completely that I 
Surrendered all self control
Showing me just how it feels to be free
And unapologetically me. 
You cradle my insecurities in a way that nourishes them
Allowing them to blossom in their truth

And for that I thank you...